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SaBrowny Rae was named after her great grandmother who passed down the gift of story-telling to her great granddaughter. She grew up during an era where story telling was an art. The children gathered many nights on the back porch and listened to tall tales of intrigue, magic, happy endings, and folly. This art has been lost today as modern technology has replaced the oral word. She has reached into her past and brought back a time of innocence. This is her first book for a series of wonderful stories to come.

She has taken the written word and weaved a story that will keep you wanting more using the same style of story-telling that allows you to dig deep into your imagination and see the tale come to life. Her stories are based on romance, intrigue, mystery, religion, and murder. They are riveting and exciting.

Told in a way that allows many twists and turns as the story unfolds, they will keep you guessing right up to the very end. Then when you reach the end of the tale and your heart is screaming for more, she has another story that will take you right back up again, holding you in a tight grip of intrigue as you hold your breath, never wanting the end to come.

Sabrowny Rae is a native of Washington, DC where she lives with her husband and surrounded by their children and grandchildren. Her dream of writing in the style of the tall tales of her great grandmother only began with this, her first effort after she retired from her full time job as a registered nurse.

She loves to encourage others and states to all that age should not be a factor to hold someone back from reaching their dreams. With a very strong sense of God’s direction, she approaches this project in her vintage years with gusto allowing the reader to dig deep into their imagination as she takes unique and exciting situations that creates powerful visual phenomenon.

She invites you, the reader, to meet her at the backdoor and then let the tales begin.