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Backdoor Tales: Tears of the Serpent September Love

After seven thousand years, Satan, king of the demons, travels back to the outskirts of heaven to seek the Son of God. He has a request to ask of God. He wants to experience love once more before he is thrown into the lake of fire. The king of all evil humbles himself with tears and begs to be allowed to live in a human for seventy years where he would receive love and form once more.

God allows him.....

Lipstick and I, Judas

A two-part book that sizzles with romance, humor and exhilarating adventure!


An unwanted, unloved child is left orphaned by parents who never wanted her in the first place. She is taken in by strangers who want to sell her for illicit favors. Only she turns the tide on them and commits her first two murders. Once this is done, she becomes the person that she was created to be—Lipstick, a wealthy sociopathic murderer. She creates a new life for.....

Roman and Passions


Special Agent Roman Allan of the FBI has been stumped knowing that his most famous serial killer case was wrong for the past five years. He knew then and now that the murderer Lipstick was still alive somewhere in the world. After many attempts to find her to bring her to justice, Lipstick returns to his life to start again where she left off. Only this time, Roman is determined to take her down by any means necessary.



Genesis and the Wrath of God

The past eighteen years, ex–special agent Roman Allen of the FBI had been raising his daughter in peace and harmony. Genesis, his daughter with notorious serial killer Lipstick, believed that her mother had died in a car accident when she was six months old. Her father never wanted her to know that she was the product of a murderer. All was well until Lipstick returned on Genesis’s eighteenth birthday, determined to create havoc and kill her father, the one who.....